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I'm watching the phones so our receptionist can eat a peaceful lunch. Today's been odd because the phone has rung only once in the past hour, but we've had a lot of visitors. Way more than I was expecting and I've spent most of the last hour running up front at the sound of the bell.

One of the visitors was a woman who straight off the bat knew she was in the wrong place. She handed me a packing list and asked if I knew where the address on the slip was. The address was so close to the address of my company that it had to have been next door. The thing is, I know all of our neighbors and I've never heard of the place on her paper.

I wanted to help her, though, so I got on Elyse's terminal and pulled up Mapquest. However, Mapquest insists that my address and the address of the place the woman was trying to find are identical.

I was baffled so I asked the woman if the packing slip had a phone number. She said yes and started rattling it off as if she expected me to call them and get directions for her.

I looked up at her and said, "Do you have a phone?"

Now she looked flustered. She said, "Oh, yes... I'll just give them a call..." and walked out the door.

There's helpful and then there's doormat. I really try to not cross that line.


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