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Apr. 10th, 2009 08:31 am
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I was up too late last night. I had my Chains of Promathia (CoP) static and we were working on the last Promyvion before we could get to Tavnazia.

It didn't go well. For some reason, our party leader told our white mage not to use her two-hour ability. The WHM 2-hour, Benediction, restores a large number of hit points to everyone in the party and removes all status ailments. I'm irritated with our WHM that she didn't exercise some independent thought and use the darn thing when she was out of magic points and members of the party were starting to die. I used my 2-hour, which gives me unlimited MP for about 30 seconds, and tried to nuke the mob to death. We were so close! The mob had just a sliver of HP left. Unfortunately, I aggroed one of its babies and died shortly after.

Nobody bothered to tell WHM to stay down until the party wiped. We would have been popped back into the alcove outside the battle area where we could have rested up to have another go. Instead, she reraised, got aggro and died immediately once again. The party leader decided to home point, which means we all had to start over again from the beginning.

It took over an hour to get back up to the Spire of Dem. Once again, we fought the NM and once again, the WHM refused to use her 2-hour. We wiped again. This time she stayed down until we were rejected from the battle area.

The party leader asked us if we wanted to try it once more. We were out of food, drinks, animas, and everyone except the WHM had used their 2-hour ability. We tried it once more. This time the WHM used her 2-hour, but it didn't matter because we had no hope in hell of taking it anyway. We wiped again. I went to bed.

I went on about FFXI more than I intended to just now. The point of this is to illustrate that I'm tired. And I just realized that I put mascara on only one eye this morning.


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