Just Dance!

Jul. 8th, 2010 03:28 pm
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Dominic loves this game Justin bought for him called "Just Dance". You listen to music and try to follow along to the dance moves you see on screen. It's kind of like Dance Dance Revolution, but with a Wiimote instead of a dancing pad.

Dominic is learning all kinds of inappropriate songs like The Spice Girls' "Wannabe" and Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell." He's still young enough that hearing him sing those songs is more cute than creepy, thankfully.

Lately he's been singing "Surfin' Bird" a lot. On Saturday, he woke up at 6:00 a.m. and started singing that song at full volume. It's funny, but not really what you want to wake up to on a Saturday morning.

The other night, I checked on him before I went to bed. He was upside down in his covers, so I picked him up to lay him on his pillow and he mumbled out, "Papa-oom-mow-mow" before passing out again.

Luckily, he's a very heavy sleeper, so he didn't wake up as I guffawed my way out of his room.


May. 26th, 2009 10:56 am
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I should have stayed up all night playing video games. I would have gotten just as much sleep.

It's strange how vivid a combination of restlessness and ketosis makes your dreams. During the short period of time that I actually did fall asleep, I had a dream that revolved around an airport. Important people in my life coming and going... I'm sure that if I had someone analyze it they could find all kinds of neat psychological insights into my subconscious.

Bits of it I remember very clearly. Other bits not so much. Some things I remember:

Mom was leaving for a long cruise. She handed me an envelope that contained her apartment key, explaining that she wouldn't need her apartment anymore and she was going to stop by the leasing office and turn it in. Then she got in line to check in for her flight. I watched her get her tickets and check her baggage, but she didn't come back. I stood alone feeling the shape of the key in the envelope. :(

I met Ben Folds. He was playing an electric keyboard in the parking lot. I asked him to sign my keyboard, but he said that the name on the instrument didn't matter. What mattered is that I play. That annoyed me. I wanted an autograph, not a life lesson. As the dream progressed his eyes bugged out more and more and eventually he looked just like Billie Joe Armstrong.

A particularly confusing scenario involving Ken. The dream was just going along with nothing much happening, then someone from high school (Breanne maybe?) showed me some pictures and videos of what had just happened and Ken was right next to me the whole time. She said he'd been here the whole time and I was doing something that kept me from seeing him.

Other than those three scenes, most of the dream seems hazy. Mostly walking around with various people I've known throughout my life. Riding up and down escalators. Goofing off. I think I eventually got on a plane. I remember something about that. Not too clearly, though.

FFXI Stuff

Apr. 10th, 2009 08:31 am
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I was up too late last night. I had my Chains of Promathia (CoP) static and we were working on the last Promyvion before we could get to Tavnazia.

It didn't go well. For some reason, our party leader told our white mage not to use her two-hour ability. The WHM 2-hour, Benediction, restores a large number of hit points to everyone in the party and removes all status ailments. I'm irritated with our WHM that she didn't exercise some independent thought and use the darn thing when she was out of magic points and members of the party were starting to die. I used my 2-hour, which gives me unlimited MP for about 30 seconds, and tried to nuke the mob to death. We were so close! The mob had just a sliver of HP left. Unfortunately, I aggroed one of its babies and died shortly after.

Nobody bothered to tell WHM to stay down until the party wiped. We would have been popped back into the alcove outside the battle area where we could have rested up to have another go. Instead, she reraised, got aggro and died immediately once again. The party leader decided to home point, which means we all had to start over again from the beginning.

It took over an hour to get back up to the Spire of Dem. Once again, we fought the NM and once again, the WHM refused to use her 2-hour. We wiped again. This time she stayed down until we were rejected from the battle area.

The party leader asked us if we wanted to try it once more. We were out of food, drinks, animas, and everyone except the WHM had used their 2-hour ability. We tried it once more. This time the WHM used her 2-hour, but it didn't matter because we had no hope in hell of taking it anyway. We wiped again. I went to bed.

I went on about FFXI more than I intended to just now. The point of this is to illustrate that I'm tired. And I just realized that I put mascara on only one eye this morning.
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This was the sort of weekend I really enjoy. Busy and fun.

Saturday morning I took Dominic to the mall to redeem my "Real Women Dollars" from Lane Bryant. Soon I will not fit in their clothes and that will be both triumphant and a little sad. When I was thin I wanted to shop there so bad and now that I'm fat I can't shop anywhere else (or I could, but I don't want to). In any case, Dominic was well behaved so afterwards I took him to Inflatable Insanity and let him jump around for an hour. By the time our hour was up it was 12:30, so I took him to Sbarro for pizza and then got him some popcorn from a mall kiosk. He crashed in the car. Unfortunately he didn't sleep very long. I had logged into FFXI and was waiting for Besieged to start. The troll merceneries had just started advancing when Dominic started crying. So much for leveling my magic skills.

That evening I went to Pat's house for a Twilight viewing party. The movie wasn't good, but the company was and I think we should do it again. Maybe "Idiocracy" at my house?

On Sunday Justin and I had planned to go to the International Gem Show at the IX Center in Cleveland. We left a little early to have breakfast at Wally Waffle then headed up. Neither the IX Center website nor the Gem Show website mentioned that parking cost $8. Luckily Justin and I together scraped up enough cash to pay for parking then headed inside. I knew the Indoor Amusement Park was going on at the same time, but I had assumed that it would be completely divided from the gem show. It wasn't. We walked in the West entrance and the whole area was covered in balloons. Beyond the low divider there were flashing lights advertising rides and carnival food. Dominic's eyes were huge like platters. We walked away from the indoor amusement park toward the gem show box office. Dominic was confused. We tried to buy tickets to the gem show, but they didn't take credit cards (another tidbit left off the website). We tried to find an ATM, but had no luck and the IX staff we asked didn't know where to find one. So we went to the amusement park box office (where they *did* take credit cards) and went to the IX Indoor Amusement Park instead.

The carnival had tons of fun rides for small kids and we spent several hours riding each one. They also had a trained dog show (which we left because Dominic just didn't care) and also a "Backyard Circus." He was so into this circus. They said that they would ask for volunteers from the audience, so Dominic and I sat down front with the other kids and their parents. Then when he asked for volunteers to be lions and tigers Dominic raised his hand. The ringleader looked at me and said, "A little young, mom" and moved on to some kids who were about the same age as Dominic and one who looked to be about 8. Dominic understood and was devastated. As soon as the ringleader passed him over, he just dissolved into tears. He refused to look at what any of the other kids were doing until the lions and tigers came on. The 3 little boys and one older boy were wearing t-shirts labelled "Lions" or "tigers". They had them lay down on their bellies and roll over, then put their legs and arms in the air. Dominic, in an act of defiance I swear I had nothing to do with, decided to show the ring leader he wasn't a baby and followed all of the instructions he was giving the other boys. Then he sat back in my lap and watched the rest of the show.

The gem show may not have mentioned that parking costs $8 and they don't take credit cards at the box office, but they made absolutely certain that we knew that no cameras or strollers were allowed. So I had neither. I did have my Treo, so I was able to get this one blurry picture.

When Dominic started wearing down to the point where we knew he'd have to go home soon, Justin and I decided to hit the gem show after all. We'd found an ATM, so we bought our tickets and headed inside. We walked around with Dominic on our shoulders for most of the time. I fell in love with 3 pieces. One was a necklace of red cubic zirconia hearts. It was stunning, but a little too fancy to wear very often. The second was a necklace of creamy cultured pearls with the occasional red spikey cultured pearl here and there. The third was also a strand of cultured pearls, but in cranberry and cream with bits of unfaceted semi-precious stones (they look like pink and green tourmalines, but I could be mistaken). Dominic was getting close to meltdown, so I left him and Justin so I could go back and forth and decide on one. I eventually decided on the pearl and tourmaline, but when I decided to buy it I couldn't find Justin and Dominic. So I stood near the vendor (who eventually asked me what I was doing and kept an eye out for me when I explained I was looking for my husband and son) until Justin showed up again. Justin gave me the cash to buy the necklace and then explained that he had gone to a different vendor where we had seen a bronze copy of my second all-time favorite statue...

...and talked the vendor down to a price within our budget. So Justin and I are now looking for the perfect spot to display Shiva as Nataraja.


(Lousy pic because the sun isn't shining today.)

So, yeah. Good weekend!


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