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My family and I took a short-notice vacation to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky this week. We got back last evening. We intentionally went to an area with poor cell reception and I left my computer behind. All of the stress-inducing problems that seemed insurmountable last week are now feeling more like the molehills they really are. The vacation was much needed and much appreciated.
Mammoth Cave - No pictures, unfortunately )

I was feeling really good yesterday and this morning, but since then I've been checking my email and Facebook and my mood has just plummeted. I think social networking, specifically Facebook, is causing me mild depression. While I really like being able to share ideas and pictures with my family so easily, I really don't enjoy the stupid pictures and ill-thought-out political opinions and the web of people I'd rather not be in touch with being able to reach me so easily. I'm considering paring down my account to just my immediate family and a few select close friends I was in touch with before Facebook. For now I think I'll just keep my Facebook time to a minimum and see how I feel.
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I had such a nice day today. After sleeping in for several hours, I made cinnamon toast for breakfast, then Justin and I drove up to the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Getting lost on the way to the museum is part of the ritual. I'm not quite sure how we manage it every single time, but today was no exception despite printing out instructions and following them. Today I blame the road construction and the lack of an "Exit Only" sign at a major freeway interchange. But I am the queen of freeways! As long as I know the general direction of my destination, I can find anything. 20 minutes later, we were at the museum.

The Cleveland Museum of Art has been undergoing a major renovation since 2005. It'll be done in two years, but they've got several galleries currently open. Right now they have modern art, European art, and the armor gallery open. I'm not a big fan of any of these galleries, but it's still nice to walk around the beautiful space. Plus, Rodin's sculptures are really breathtaking. And, yes, I made sure to make a "Blink" joke. I'm really looking forward to seeing the ancient art galleries open again.

One of my favorite places at the art museum is just outside. The sunlight against the marble is blinding, but there is a pond with a walkway all the way around it that is really beautiful. I took this from a bench we stopped to rest at (I have an injured foot so walking is slightly difficult right now). You can't see the museum in it, but the area is really lovely.

We tried to start a new tradition of getting lost leaving the art museum, but I quickly got my bearings and got us onto the freeway headed South. We stopped at a restaurant in Fairlawn called Steak on a Stone for a very late lunch/very early dinner. They specialize in bringing you steak and a very hot stone on which to cook your steak. However, I can cook my own steak at home, so I opted for the chicken Athena which was a pasta dish with olives, spinach, and tomatoes. It was magnificent!

Lastly, I just pulled some fresh chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, so I'm going to go eat one now. I hope you're all having great days!


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