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Enrollment opened for Spring semester this morning. Well, it opened for me. It's been open for people with more earned credit hours since Oct. 10. I've been checking on the classes I wanted periodically and felt confident I'd get into them all.

I was wrong.

I managed to get into Elementary French II (which is good because they opened that class specifically because I asked). I also got into The Black Experience II online class. I did not get into College Writing II, which is frustrating because I really need it and I've already put it off a semester because it was already full the last time I tried to enroll in it and I need it to fulfill my Composition requirement. My second and third choices no longer sounded very good, so I shopped around a bit and finally decided to take American Politics, which will fulfill one of my social sciences requirements (I intend to take Microeconomics and Macroeconomics to fulfill the other 6 credit hours and work toward my business minor).

My Black Experience I midterm never opened over the weekend and I never heard back from my professor. I am now officially worried. This is an online course, so I don't know the professor well, but he has always come across as attentive and considerate. I called the Department of Pan-African Studies today and found out he didn't show up for office hours last Friday, either. The secretary said she'd call me back when she found out some info. It's been an hour and a half and I haven't received that call yet. I hope he's all right.

Edited to add: It's now almost 4:00 pm and I just got a call from my professor. He's been out sick since last Tuesday with a bacterial infection. He is, thankfully, ok and is trying to sort out the technical issues that kept the exam from posting.


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