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Just a note. The guy who bought my car was kind of a jerk. He was irritated that I wouldn't have the title notarized before he gave me the name and address of the person the title would be transferred to. Luckily, the notary was on my side (it clearly said that all of the blanks were to be filled out before notarizing). My address was on it, why was he trying to hide his own? Then he asked if he could keep my plates for a week and I'm like, "Dude, I don't know you."* Then I made him sign a bill of sale (which all the websites say you should do) which releases me from all liability the moment I hand him the keys. He did all that and paid me the remaining funds. Then just before he walked out the door forever he said, "I sometimes buy cars...this one's for my daughter-in-law... so I've done this a few times and I have to say... you're really going overboard." So, no helpful hints. No, "Nice doing business with you." Just a quick "silly little girl" and out the door.

I smile and replied, "Yep, I tend to do that. Look up 'Overboard' in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of me. Nice doing business with you." And he went away forever. Good riddance.

I was sad when he drove my car away, though.

* What I actually said was, "I can't let you keep the plates, but I would be happy to drive the car to your house and take the plates with me when I leave or you could bring the plates off another car."
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Oh yeah. I sold my Sephia today. I posted it on Craigslist at 10:00 and it was sold by 11:30. Crazy. That was a darn good car and I'm going to miss it.

So now I have bunches of money in my pocket. Thinking about buying a piano. And an iPod Touch. Maybe a new pair of jeans...
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I'm about to put my Kia up for sale and that makes me sad. I love my car. It's not stylish or powerful, but it's been remarkably reliable and I've had it forever. I bought it used in 1999. I've replaced brakes, windshield wipers, batteries, and the starter. I've loaded it up with amazing quantities of stuff and even acquired an audience once because they were shocked at how much stuff I could fit in it (8 foot long shelves, yah! Quoth the old guy, "I didn't think you were going to be able to do that."). It handles well in the snow and is zippy enough to get me through city traffic. Also, it's stereo doesn't suck.

I'm having the windshield replaced right now (the guys from the Glass Station are in the garage working on it as I type this) and then I'll clean it, take some pics, and post it on Craigs List.

I get way too attached to vehicles. I cried when they drove the Mazda away.



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