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My attitude towards my math class is not improving. My dislike of the class is starting to manifest in a deep anxiety about attending, which is an unusual reaction for me. I get to school roughly an hour before class starts and I usually sit and read. I got a little bored with Heart of Darkness, so I pulled out my math workbook to work some of the problems. Thirty minutes later, I was 45 problems in, scribbling like crazy and starting to shake because I couldn't seem to write fast enough.

We had a quiz in class last night. It ended up being problems from the homework I had been working on before class. So, no problem, easy. Still, I couldn't stop shaking. So after I turned in my quiz, I left the classroom and went back to reading Heart of Darkness. I found it oddly calming, considering the subject matter.

We were told in no uncertain terms that we would have math lab last night, so we all stuck around in the commons area until lab time. After we all signed in and found seats, we went over this:

Visualizing what these graphs mean isn't a problem for me, and apparently it wasn't a problem for anyone else, either. We were all calling out the answers, but the teacher didn't seem to hear us. Because he'd keep asking, "Which one? Which one do you think is right? Is it A?"

Classroom is quiet.

"Is it B?"

Classroom is quiet.

"Is it C?"

Classroom erupts with, "Yes!"

"Is it D?"

Classroom is quiet.

"So which one do you think it is?"

And I'm left wanting to *headdesk*, but I can't because there's a laptop in my way (plus, it would be very disrespectful and despite my intense dislike of this class, I don't want to be rude).

So I'm right back to where I was in high school math class. Bored out of my mind and very unhappy. Only this time it isn't because I don't understand it. It's because this stuff is too easy and I'm frustrated that we're not moving faster.

On the plus side, at least we're not reviewing anymore!
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I totally rocked my math midterm and I'm feeling great about it. I was not expecting to do so well and thought I'd walk out with a high C or a low B. I got 98%! I made two mistakes.

Mistake 1: I forgot how to write proper notation for X intercepts and wrote (8, y) instead of (8, 0). -1 point.

Mistake 2: When factoring 9 - x2, I didn't pay attention to what I was doing and wrote (x - 3)(x + 3). Dumb mistake. I got the right answer minus a negative in the front of it. -1 point.

Not too shabby, though!
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I got 105 out of 100! I must've messed up my arithmetic on one of the problems because there were a total of 106 points available. I must've gotten a point deducted for a wrong answer, but the rest of the credit for having the theory right.
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I've become a Facebook junkie. I'm actually pretty ok with my status as Facebook Junkie, but I've gotten so used to communicating in small snippets that I forget I can go into more detail here. I don't want to forget. At the same time, I don't actually have much interesting to say.

I'm feeling pretty good about my classes this semester. My math class isn't as intimidating as I worried it would be and my History class is more interesting than it was last semester.

My math class is probably 45 minutes longer than it should be for people who really aren't into math. It makes it tough to make it through the whole lesson. Especially when the teacher tries to engage the students by asking for the answers to simple questions, but no one will talk. I've made friends with one of my classmates and I whispered to her, "Do you ever get the urge to just shout out encouragement? Like, 'Go Cory!'" She said she did, so that's kinda what we did. It worked to a point. The class started responding more to the questions and that made it a little more interesting. I think I might come off as somewhat obnoxious, and I'm trying to decide if I care. The old me would care. The old-er me doesn't quite know yet.

History, like I said above, is more interesting. My professor this semester is definitely more animated. She gets up and tells a story. She gets into the material and rants and yells and spits. It's very entertaining to watch. She doesn't coddle, though and I'm worried that I'll miss something important. Last semester's prof made sure to give us all the information we needed in an easy-to-read (and sometimes misspelled) powerpoint presentation.

I got myself a Netbook to take notes on in History. I find myself using it a lot, inside class and out. I kinda love this thing.

I'm still watching old Doctor Who. The discs came from Netflix out of order this week because the next disc in my queue wasn't unavailable from my local center, so I jumped from "The Romans" to "The War Machines." So far "The Romans" is hands-down my favorite classic Who episode. I liked the historical mixed with the comedy. It worked really well on all levels. I'm a little confused about "The War Machines" because I'm not quite sure where it falls within Doctor Who chronology. Vicky, Barbara, and Ian were gone and Dodo was there instead. (Side note: Dodo? Really?) I don't know how close Dodo and the Doctor are, but it can't be very since she sent a message with a practical stranger to tell the Doctor she wouldn't be going with him any more. The computer sound effects in "The War Machines" was obnoxious. Were computers really that loud and annoying in the 60s? I wanted to mute the t.v., but then I couldn't hear the dialogue.
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Here's an open math question to anyone willing and able to answer it. My teacher didn't cover it last night and I'm too curious to wait until my next class tomorrow.

What's the difference between this: -22
and this: (-2)2

Is this correct?
-22 = 2*2(-1) = 4(-1) = -4

(-2)2 = (-2)(-2) = 4



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