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I just went out and bought some house paint. I've decided to go with [ profile] insatia's color palette. Yaay Lisa!

I hit the Sherwin Williams store on Sunday and picked up swatches of her recommended colors and also paint samples. I put them on the back of the house and they look all right (to be honest, the trim color scares me a little even though I think it'll look awesome when it's all done) The painter I've hired stopped by Sunday evening and recommended Sears' Weatherbeater paint, which happens to be on sale this week. So I took the swatches to Sears and had them color match them. They got very, very close and this is acceptable to me.

Painting a house is crazy expensive. Did you know that?

Also, I was in Nashville all last week. I've got a couple of fun stories, but I'll get those down later.
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Inside a house, I know what I want. Outside... well, I think I know what I want, but I'm afraid it won't work out. I've got a black and white modified cape cod.

(I need to take a new picture of it, but for now this is all I have.)

I was thinking of a medium taupe instead of white and a rather dark red for what's currently painted black. I was messing around on Sherwin-Williams' website and tried the color scheme out on an arts-and-crafts house (they didn't have cape cods) and it looked horrible. So now I'm trying to think of a new color scheme or a modified one that would actually look nice on my house.

I'm actually nervous enough that I'm thinking of sticking with black and white, even though I don't like it.

My roof is light gray.

My door is natural-finished oak, but I don't mind painting it (I've always wanted a red door). Also, I want to replace the storm door that's currently on the house, I just haven't gotten to it yet. But I want to get an all-glass storm door so you can actually see the beautiful front door.

My neighbor's house on the right is cream and my neighbor's house on the left is yellow so I'd like to avoid those colors.

My neighborhood doesn't have many boldly colored houses and I'd rather my house not look like it belongs in San Francisco.



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