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I ate all kinds of bad stuff last week. Cheetos, pasta, tons of chocolate cake, baby donuts, cookies, Taco Time... Somehow I lost 5 pounds. So I think I've figured out how to lose weight.

Move back to Washington.

I was 100 pounds thinner (well, 50 now) when I lived there. I gained 100 pounds after I moved to Ohio, lost 40 with hard weight loss and exercise plans. I visited Washington for 1 week and ate whatever I wanted and easily lost 5 more in 1 week.

Problem solved!

Current weight: 200.
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I reached the 30 pound weight loss milestone today! Now I'm beginning to actually notice it. In 6 more pounds I will treat myself to new jeans. The ones I'm currently wearing have a tendency to fall down and hitching my pants every minute isn't very alluring.

Not much to write about besides that. It's -11 outside right now. I scraped ice off the inside of my car windows two times during this morning's commute. I think Dominic's veins may actually be filled with molasses. The colder it is outside the slower he moves.

Current weight: 205
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My inlaws visited this weekend. It was a pleasant visit. Dominic was beside himself with joy at having his grandparents in the house for 2 days and 3 nights. They brought him lots of gifts. Dominic now has a toddler-sized drum kit in my living room which he beats on rather impressively while singing at the top of his lungs "No one's going to take me alive!!!" ("Knights of Cydonia" by Muse is his current favorite song).

One of Vanessa and Dominic's favorite activities is baking cookies. Now, I can quite happily say no to store-bought cookies, even the bake-it-yourself kind that are already pre-mixed and portioned. I just don't think they're that tasty. However, when Dominic brought me a freshly-baked sugar cookie he had decorated and baked specifically for me ("I made this for you, mommy.") I was completely and utterly undone. My willpower snapped and I ate it, relishing ever tiny morsel. 30 minutes later the stomach ache started. So, apparently, 5 weeks of no sugar or flour whatsoever ends in a rather severe stomach ache when you start eating it again. Since my fast was already broken, I treated the family to indian food that night and ate all my favorites (naan, chicken tikka masala, and saffron rice). But I kept the portions small, mostly because my stomach appears to not be able to hold much anymore, but also because my stomach ache was still raging.

I picked my fast back up again on Sunday. This morning I came in to check on the damage and amazingly, the break in my fast appears to have jump-started the weight loss again. I was stuck at my previous weight for over a week. I expected a gain of 5 or so pounds, but I'm down another pound. So yippee!

Also, I'd been testing my ketones and while they definitely dropped, I didn't actually come out of ketosis.

Current weight: 213.

"Knights of Cydonia" for the curious:


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