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I have four compositions this semester in French. They seem to build off one another. (These are rough translations. I'm not fluent, yo.)

1.) Décrivez un pays exotique où vous voudriez passer les vacances. Pourquoi cet endroit vous appelle-t-il? Qu'est-ce que vous espérez y trouver?

Describe an exotic country where you would like to spend your vacation. Why this place (actually, I'm not sure what that "vous appelle-t-il" is about. Maybe something colloquial? Francophones, a little help?)? What do you hope to find there?

2.) Vous vous trouvez maintenant dans le pays exotique que vous avez décrit dans votre premier essai. Et vous rencontrez quelqu'un, quelqu'un que vous trouvez bien intéressant! Décrivez cette personne, votre rencontre, et pourquoi cette personne vous intéresse.

You find yourself in the exotic country you described in your first essay. And you meet someone, someone you find very interesting! Describe that person, your meeting, and why that person interests you.

3.) Dans votre deuxième essai, vous avez raconté votre rencontre avec une personne intéressante dans votre pays exotique. Votre amitié/amour/etc. avec cette personne va de mieux en mieux. Racontez trois événements qui démontrent le développement de votre amitié/amour/etc. avec cette personne.

In your second essay, you recounted your meeting with an interesting person in your exotic country. Your friendship/love/etc. with this person is going better and better. Recount three events that demonstrate the development of your friendship/love/etc. with this person.

4.) La fin de votre séjour au paradis est arrivée. Est-ce que vous restez là-bas, ou revenez-vous chez vous? Pourquoi? Quelles sont vos émotions, en faisant la décision?

The end of your stay in paradise has arrived. Will you stay there or return to your home? Why? What are your emotions, making the decision.

If that ain't Doctor Who fic, then my name's not Annissa. Maybe I'll get these all knocked out tonight! (Probably not because these are supposed to reflect my growing understanding of French grammar, but I should be able to do this!)
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I am an Ohio voter. Not only that, I am a SUPER voter! My polling places have ranged from the public library to an Elk's Lodge, all of which were perfectly adequate to downright nice to vote in.

Until today.

I am disgusted with how the polls are being handled in my district. The new polling place for my newly gerrymandered district is located in a very bad part of town, had woefully inadequate parking, only one entrance/exit with doors that swing in and don't stay open, and far, far too many people inside. There are two districts shoved into that little space. There were supposed to be two lines, but they were not delineated in any way. People coming in have to first find out which district they're supposed to be in (they've changed since last time) and then find which line they should be in. The table with the volunteers that help people find out which district they belong in was blocked by voters. It is very disorganized and people were getting frustrated and angry. I arrived at 6:30 a.m. and had to wait an hour because there weren't nearly enough poll workers and they can only handle one voter at a time. I was shocked at how few voting booths we had, but since they were taking voters so slowly, most stood unused for long periods of time. By 7:30, my district had serviced only 43 people. THIS ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH.

I felt bad for my poll workers. They're the same people who handle the local elections. You'd think for a Presidential election, they would have been given more help. Maybe they didn't get enough volunteers? In any case, there are too many voters for these volunteers to handle. And that's despite everything that would keep a voter away from this particular location. I know I didn't enjoy walking a block in a high crime area in the dark.

Expect to hear more of the same throughout the day from other parts of Ohio.
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You may have noticed my "For Dominic" posts. This is something I've been meaning to do for a long time. It's a bit of personal history for him. They're things about me that don't generally come up when we're talking, but that he might find interesting later in life. I've used LJ for a long time and it's been my journal for a long time, so this was the most logical place to put it. I don't consider these things particularly private and you are welcome to treat them as you would any of my other journal entries.

Future entries:
When I was a kid
Something I wish was still sold in stores is_____.
The historical moment I remember best is _____.
The first president I remember was _____.

Teen Talk
My favorite activities at school were _____.
My first job was _____.
My favorite musical group was _____.

Modern Times
I am happiest when _____.
I am most at peace when _____.
My favorite book is _____.

Juicy Secrets
If I could marry a celebrity, it would be _____.
Once, I was really embarrassed when _____.
I am secretly proud that I can _____.

Talkin' Turkey
The troublemaker of the family was _____.
One time I got in hot water when _____.
But I didn't get caught when _____.

Bragging a Little
Our family claim to fame is _____.
My proudest moment was _____.
My favorite thing about someone in our family is _____.

And other topics as I think of them. The topics above were taken from The Church has also given me a printout with other topics.
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My earliest memory was trying to visit my neighbors when we lived in a housing complex in Pullman, WA. I remember toddling over and trying to open their door, but my hands just couldn't seem to grasp the knob and before I could successfully enter their home, your Uncle Tony picked me up and carried me away despite my very loud protests. I'm not sure why I wanted to visit those neighbors so much. They had a little boy who pretended to share, but always ended up pushing me out of the way so he got everything and I got nothing. I didn't like that boy.

When I was two, my family moved to a farm outside the tiny town of Genesee, Idaho. All around the house were acres and acres of wheat fields. One of my favorite games when I was little was to get lost in those fields with a little boy from over the hill and when we were good and lost, we would have to find our way out. Finding our way out was the fun part and I credit my great sense of direction with this little game. The only time we got lost was when a dense fog moved in while we were in the field. By the time we found a road, we didn't know which direction to go.

Like many farms, this one had a lot of feral cats. There was one cat that was constantly having kittens. We called her the Mother Cat. While the Mother Cat was completely feral, the kittens were tame and when they were old enough, we would play with them. Sadly, the chemicals used on the farm had a nasty effect on the babies and they usually died before they were six months old. Of all the litters the Mother Cat had, only one kitten survived: a buff and tan tabby we called Whiskers. He became my first pet.

When we moved to Clarkston, Whiskers came with us. When I would explore the overgrown lot across the street from our house, Whiskers always walked ahead of me, poking into the holes and voids I would always climb into. I liked to think he was checking them out for me to keep me safe.

I still don't know how he died. We found him underneath our neighbor's boat one afternoon. I suspect the father of the family that owned that boat killed him. It was the death of Whiskers that led me to getting Sabastion.

I had Sabby for 17 years. He used to lick your head when you were a few months old. I've never seen a more interesting cat than him. I'll tell you more about him later.

I'm supposed to talk about my favorite toy now, but I didn't really have one. What I did have, was a favorite blanket. Grams made me an enormous quilt before I was born. The woman who helped Grams quilt the blanket mentioned it was too big for a baby blanket and Grams (over 40 weeks pregnant and irritated at me for being so late!) griped, "She'll take it to college!" She was right. I still have that blanket, although it's now too fragile to keep on my bed. I only pull it out when I'm sick because I still find the feel of it between my fingers comforting. Grandpa wants me to cut out a square of it and hang it on the wall, but I can't bring myself to do that. You can do that when I'm gone if you like and if not, it doesn't matter to me what you do with it.
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Someone once told me that I was supposed to be named Ruth, but when I was born my parents noticed that all of their other children had names that started with A and they worried I would feel out of place if mine started with an R. I asked Grams if that was true and she looked disgusted. "Ruth? Why would I name you Ruth?" I dunno. It doesn't seem that bad to me. At least most people can spell it and pronounce it. In any case, I was named Annissa, which seemed like such a baby name when I was little, but now seems so big for a little girl. My parents got the name Anissa from our next door neighbor, but Grams added a second n for symmetry. My middle name, Laine, is still causing controversy to this day. Your Great Aunt Jan (grandpa Alan's sister) and your Great Aunt Jean (Gram's sister) both had the middle name Elaine. It's tradition in our family to use middle names as namesakes, so Grams decided Elaine's time had come and bestowed it upon me, but dropped the E to make my name "flow better." A year later with my cousin Rachael was born, Aunt Jean changed Gram's middle name, Kristine, to Christine. When Grams pointed out that Aunt Jean had misspelled her name, Aunt Jean shouted at her, "You dropped the E!" A few years ago, Rachael had a baby girl and named her, you guessed it, "Christine." Grams is now pushing any of her children to have a baby girl named "Laine." I can't help but feel none of this would have happened if they'd gone with "Ruth."

I was a large baby: 10 lbs, 13 oz. That seems to have skipped a generation as you were significantly smaller, thank goodness. Grams said I cried for three days straight after I was born. She took me to a chiropractor who adjusted my spine, and afterward I slept for 24 hours straight. I should note here that you can't take everything Grams says seriously. She tends to exaggerate. It was also at this time that I came down with chicken pox, my first illness. It was a mild case - I had only three spots - and I was pretty smut about that until I contracted Shingles in my early twenties.

When I was little, I thought Grams was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was kind and soft and smelled nice. She had these little faceted iridescent earrings that I loved until I knocked one out of her ear one day when she was getting me out of our old VW bus. She never did find it and I still feel bad about that. She used to take Aunt Afton and me to the little grocery store in Genesee after my half-day Kindergarten and let us pick out what we wanted to eat. Usually, it was Spaghettios or a t.v. dinner. Grams had light brown hair, which she liked to call blonde, but wasn't really. Sometimes, Grandpa would help her put blonde streaks in it and I loved watching how it was done.

Grandpa has been bald for as long as I've known him. I used to draw him with black lines on either side of his head to represent his hair. He always "corrected" my drawings to give himself a full head of hair, which always made me laugh. Grandpa also used to "correct" the drawings of the men on the covers of Grams' novels. Poor Fabio never had the facial hair Grandpa thought he did. I loved watching Grandpa chop firewood. He would line each of the logs up in a circle all the way around him and chop each log with a single swing. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! all in a row. He looked like Superman to me.

When I was small, Grandpa and Grams were very affectionate and it wasn't unusual for your aunts, uncles, and me to find them kissing on the couch. It was gross. One year, Grandpa set up an elaborate scavenger hunt for grams, leaving clues all over the house and out in the garage. Grams eventually found a pair of diamond earrings in a box of cereal. I felt slightly less bad about her other earrings that day.

In my earliest memories, Grandpa and Grams were in college. Sometimes Grams would take me to class with her. Sometimes I feel sad that I'm in class rather than with you at home or doing something fun, but other times I feel good knowing that your experiences with me are so similar to the experiences I had with Grams. I loved going to class with her and I hope you look back fondly at your time in my college classes.
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So, yeah, my unrealistic to-do list was unrealistic. I still got a lot of stuff done and I did take care of all the important things! (I also got called in for emergency storm work for 4 hours, but what can you do?)

I ordered Dominic's cake instead of making it myself. He was a tad disappointed until I told him who would be making it for him. He adores the ladies who decorate cakes at our local grocery store and they were thrilled to make his cake for him. He was very pleased with it.

We went Trick-or-Treating twice this weekend. Our neighborhood shindig was on Saturday and then we went to Kent with a friend on Sunday and did some more. My neighborhood is inhabited by a bunch of Halloween scrooges so we didn't get much on Saturday and Sunday was absolutely miserable weather-wise: cold, windy, and rainy. Nevertheless, Dominic got an amazing haul.

I had a little birthday party for him on Sunday night. I invited my in-laws, Dominic's friend Gianna, and Gianna's mother (and my good friend) Michelle. We had pizza, cake, and for an activity, I had Dominic and Gianna decorate the rice krispie treats for Dominic's classroom birthday party and Cub Scouts Halloween party (both being held today). I'm pretty smug about this because it needed to be done and I was rapidly running out of time.
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Dominic's Primary program went really well. He was adorable and he did his line perfectly. They had an older kid standing next to the podium to help the little kids with their lines. Dominic whispered (quite loudly), "I know it!" and then rattled it off and marched back to his seat. Adorable! I asked him later if liked speaking in front of everybody and his eyes got big and he shook his head solemnly. I'm so proud of him! He had really bad stage fright and yet delivered his line clearly, loudly, and perfectly.

I also managed to get my paper almost written. It still needs a concluding paragraph, and then needs to be edited, but that is not a bad start. My online French homework needs attention, but shouldn't take too long. My lab is nearly complete. I just need to add in the rest of the background stars in my sketch and scan it in. I never did get around to watching the rest of the lecture about Pluto and the Kuiper belt. Perhaps I can do it on Wednesday...

Busy busy!

Oct. 26th, 2012 07:32 am
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I've been working really hard to get through all of my homework this week to free up my weekend. Dominic turns 7 on Sunday and there is a ton of stuff to do!

  • I finished two of the three labs that are due next Friday.

  • I finished my French composition and turned it in.

  • I did most of my online French homework, leaving only the sections that have not yet been covered in class.

  • I studied for my quiz that I will take this morning.

  • I did the research, thesis, and outline for my paper on food for composition.

  • I watched the first lecture on Pluto and the Kuiper Belt for astronomy

But there is still a lot to do.

  • Finish my online French homework

  • Write my 5 page paper about food for composition

  • Finish the third lab that is due next Friday.

  • Watch the second lecture on Pluto and the Kuiper Belt for astronomy

  • Make and decorate rice krispie treats for Dominic's class and Cub Scout troop for Monday

  • Make Dominic a birthday cake for Sunday

  • Teach Dominic his line for his Primary program on Sunday

  • Take Dominic to the Primary program rehearsal on Saturday morning

  • Attend Church and the Primary program on Sunday morning (I may have to skip the rest of Church services this day)

  • Take Dominic to Kent on Sunday afternoon for Trick-or-Treat.

  • Either make or buy dinner for the small birthday party we're having for Dominic on Sunday (Undecided)

  • Watch the weather and stay on-call over the weekend for possible storm work due to Frankenstorm making it's way toward the East Coast.

I'm not actually sure all of this is possible, but because I did so well getting ahead, I do have some wiggle room. The only thing left to do is jump in and start marking things off the list. My one real concern is the storm. To those of you in its path, I'm keeping you in my thoughts. Stay safe.


Oct. 25th, 2012 08:52 am
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For the first time this semester, I have not been irritated or frustrated with my astronomy lab. My assignment for Lab 7 is to look for meteors over two nights. I was intending to do it (hopefully) this weekend (if it was clear) so I could stargaze in the dead of night when the meteors are most visible. But last night, my son asked, out of the blue, if he could look for shooting stars. And even though meteors aren't super-visible at 9:00 at night, the night was too perfect not to go stargazing. The weather here is abnormally warm (20 degrees higher than average) and the evening was perfectly clear. After Dominic's bath, I laid a quilt in the front yard, grabbed a second quilt to keep off the chill, and we cuddled and looked for shooting stars. It was one of the most relaxing, peaceful, and enjoyable things I've done in months. And, luckily, I even saw two shooting stars! One was right over Cassiopeia and the other was slightly higher in the sky in the blank area where the light pollution prevents me from seeing any stars. I imagine our neighbors think we're crazy, but at least one of them was thoughtful enough to dim his headlights as he used our neighbor's driveway to turn his vehicle around.

I'm finding French more difficult this semester, but I can't quite figure out why. We're learning to use conjugations we've already learned in new ways. For example, this chapter we're covering reciprocal verbs, the plus-que-parfait tense, and using the subjunctive for opinions. I never found the subjunctive difficult, but now I can't seem to wrap my head around the conjugations and I can't figure out if it's because I'm having difficulty with the concept or if it's the new irregular verbs that have been added. I'm finding grammar very difficult to study for.

On the plus side, I learned a French joke!
Que dit une tasse de thé dans un ascenseur ?
- Je veux mon thé!

It took me way too long to understand that. Puns are the lowest form of humor. ;)
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My French teacher will play these little cartoons at the start of class sometimes and they completely crack me up. I occasionally share them on Facebook, and I thought you might enjoy them. This one is hilarious!

They run the gamut from cute to downright disturbing. You don't need to know French to understand them. Mostly.
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My brother posted this apropos of nothing.

Once upon a time, there was a fox living in a glen. He decided that he had enough of its sunny days and babbling brooks and wanted to see the world. He asked the Owl, wisest of the animals, what he should do to get out of the glen.

"Are you certain?" asked the Owl. "It is folly to leave what you know, fox. But if you must go, then ask the woods to part before you."

And so the fox went to the woo
ds and asked them to part. "Are you certain?" asked the woods. "It can be quite scary outside the glen. Not everything will be kind enough to move when you ask. But if you must go, then go to the river and ask it to carry you away."

And so the woods parted and the fox asked the river to carry him away. "Are you certain?" asked the river. "If you ask me to carry you away, I can't guarantee that you will find your way back. But if you must go, then go to the mountain and ask it to show you what is on the other side."

And so the river carried the fox away to the mountain and the fox asked the mountain to show him the sky.

And the mountain said nothing.

"I am not afraid of what is on the other side," the fox said, recalling the owl's advice. "You may show me."

And the mountain still said nothing.

"I demand that you show me what is on the other side," the fox said, recalling the woods' advice. "I will not ask you again!"

And the mountain still said nothing.

"I do not care that I may not find my way back," the fox said, recalling the river's advice. "I must make my own way!"

And finally, the mountain said something. A tall rock fell over and pinned the fox to the ground. First, he screamed in terror. Then he begged the mountain to let him up. Then he said he would go home immediately if only the rock would let him go.

But the rock said nothing.

Because rocks can't talk.

That's just stupid.

I was going to post a picture of him with Amanda, Alex, and me on top of Fort Awesome, but it appears to have been pulled off Facebook. Darnit.

I'm starting to feel a little better. I talked to our HR recruiter about the worthiness of certain degrees and E. called me to say that I shouldn't consider it a waste of time because it's something I've accomplished on my own and nobody can take it away. I think that's exactly what I needed. I'm still not feeling like I can take on the world as per normal, but I'm on my way.
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Are you familiar with Doodle or Die? It's a website that's like Broken Picture Telephone, which was like Broken Telephone (a game I simply called "Telephone" when I was a kid). One person gives a prompt, a second person draws a picture of the prompt, a third person describes the picture of the prompt, a fourth person draws a picture of the description of the picture of the prompt, and so on. Very fun. I suck at it. Luckily, other people are quite good at it. I thought y'all might like to see this.

Thanks N!
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It's been an unusually hot, dry summer her in Ohio. The lawns are crispy and the flower beds aren't looking so good. But the weather reminds me of the summers back in Washington and driving around with the windows down in the heat is filling me with the most wonderful joyful feeling.

I had this dream last night (don't worry, I won't get into details!) that involved the song "Let it Rain" by Living Things and I've been driving around with it playing and I can't help thinking of Ken and grinning like a loon. There's a connection there, but I think it would baffle even him, so I won't get into that either.

I see the roadblocks in front of me. But today, in this moment, everything is good.

Oooh! I didn't realize they had a video for "Let it Rain!"

Oh... it's not very good. Oh well, I still like the song.
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If you're looking for shippy Nine/Rose novels, check out "Only Human" by Gareth Roberts. Near the climax of the story, it gets incredibly shippy. Additionally, the plot is interesting, and has some incredibly disturbing moments... which I like.

Big fan of this story, right here.
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I continue to adore I've got all the available reboot-era DW novels in my wishlist and I'm working my way through slowly. My monthly credit costs more than the novels usually cost, so I'm using the credits on more expensive books and buying the DW books to fill in the gaps between finishing a more expensive book and getting a new credit.

I recently bought "The Silent Stars Go By" on Kilodalton's advice. She was right! It was really nice to see the relationship between the Doctor and Amy being developed in the story. The plot was also very good and I liked the little twist near the end that makes the storyline slightly more complicated than I expected. It was a solid little story and I enjoyed it very much. I had one of those moments at the end where I sighed and felt completely satisfied. I love those.

I still have a while before a new credit shows up on my account, so I went ahead and bought "The Winner Takes All." It's a Nine-era story with Rose and read by Camille Coduri (I admit, I squeed a bit when I realized she was the narrator). I've only listened to 10 minutes of this book and I am already completely charmed. Nine's pulling his, "I can do better than that" routine and Rose is giving him a hard time over it. All the reviews on this book are positive and I'm really looking forward to the rest of it.

I've also listened to The Magicians by Lev Grossman and its sequel The Magician King. It was an interesting mashup of The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter, but for adults. I liked the sequel more than the original, but would happily recommend both to anyone who likes fantasy fiction. There is a third part that has not yet been published. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

Lastly, I listened to In the Woods by Tana French. It's the first in a three-part police procedural series called "Dublin Murder Squad." I was rather lukewarm on this one. The story is good, and the writing is superb, but the resolution left me rather cold. It's realistic, but that made it sort of a letdown. I noticed the second and third parts are told from other characters' points of view, so I may like them a little more. I'm also hoping for some resolution to a storyline that was left unsolved in the first book. I'll definitely be getting the rest of this series because I think that it may have an overarching plot. At least, I'm hoping. I'm kind of hanging my hat on that hypothesis, so if it doesn't, I will be really disappointed.
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from [identity profile]

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal.

1. If you got stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, which Doctor would you want to be stuck with?
My knee-jerk response was "Any but Ten." Can you imagine being stuck in an enclosed space with anyone that bouncy? Something from outside the elevator would probably invade one of us and then it would be all screaming and tears until we were rescued. Then I thought, "Nine would be interesting," but that would just be a bunch of glowering, snide remarks, and a small possibility of an emotional breakdown. So, I think Two would probably be ideal for getting stuck in an elevator with. He could play the flute and I'd sing along.

2. 3 episodes you could happily skip when watching Doctor Who?
Easy. "Aliens of London," "World War III," and "Daleks in Manhattan." Throw in "Evolution of the Daleks" for good measure.

3. If you could only watch 5 TV shows what would they be?
Doctor Who (obviously), Community, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Parks & Recreation, and Mad Men

4. Something you'd love to learn?

5. Tea, coffee or other?

6. Ultimate holiday destination?
Pripyat, Ukraine - I know it's not what most people have in mind when they go on vacation, but I really want to take a tour.

7. Any TV character you think would make a brilliant politician?
Jack Harkness?
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This seems to be hitting the ol' f-list pretty hard lately, and since I've got a few new friends, I thought I'd give it a shot.

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Photos from Mammoth Cave and a bonus one of Dominic being "cute."

See more! )
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I've been having trouble getting pictures off my phone lately. Well, problem solved! Here's some pics!

Bread! )


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